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How to cook fish


Before always thought that such a color fragrance, it seems to have an appetite, smell on the mouth, eat up and addiction to the dishes must be very complex, so worship has been long but dare not try, one day, courage to check the practice, only to find that the original did not imagine the complexity, try to do once after a hair can not be cleaned up, boiled meat, water, Boiled fish, boiled beef through the make-up, how does it taste?

Boiled fish cooking is basically complete

Hot summer, often what do not want to eat, do a bowl of boiled fish to, spicy fresh incense suddenly open.

Main ingredients: fish, cabbage, soybean sprouts, coriander, leeks Ingredients: wine, corn starch, onions, ginger, garlic, pods, dried peppers, peppers

1. Prepare ingredients: fish, cabbage, bean sprouts, leeks, coriander wash spare;

Watered fish ingredients preparation
2. Prepare ingredients: onions, ginger, garlic cut well, the county bean petals are also chopped spare, will be dried peppers with kitchen cut section, wash off the pepper seeds, take the appropriate amount of pepper spare;

Boiled fish ingredients
3. Fish slice, put a small amount of salt, the appropriate amount of sprinkleand and corn starch stirred evenly, pickled preparation;

Boiled fish marinade
4. Put oil in the pan; stir-fry onion, ginger, garlic; put the pods fried, can be a little more fryed for a while, stir-fry the oil of the pods to make it fully exude the fragrance;

Boiled fish stir-fry ingredients

Boiled fish to make a soy sauce
5. Add the appropriate amount of water, the period can be seasoned, basically no more salt, because the pods have been very salty, I also added some wine, oil, raw pumping and other seasonings;

Boiled fish tiaowei
6. After boiling, water is boiled and put in the soybean sprouts; after cooking, then cooked and cut cabbage; also cooked and fished out; and then dialed into the fish fillet;

Boiled fish cooking and serving

Boiled fish cooking and serving1

Boiled fish cooking fish fillets
7. After the fish fillet is cooked, pour into the container containing bean sprouts and cabbage, and put the dried chilli and peppers on the fish fillet, sprinkle with some shallots;

Boiled fish cooking is basically complete
8. Heat the hot oil again;

Finally, put the coriander on and you're done.

Boiled fish cooking is basically complete
If you also want to make boiled fish in a simpler way, you can use water-boiled fish seasoning!

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